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01/07/22 – Celestron 8″ Edge-HD Review

Is the Celestron 8″ Edge-HD the only scope you will need for the rest of your life?

11/23/21 – TeleVue TV-85 APO Review

Is the TV-85 still relevant in todays APO market?

11/21/21 – TeleVue Ethos 4.7mm 110° FOV vs Explore Scientific 5.5mm 100° FOV

High power hyper-wife FOV King?

01/15/21 – Explore Scientific 24mm 68° VS Explore Scientific 26mm 62° Review

Witch is the choice to go with for the ultra 1.25″ low power eyepiece?

11/23/20 – Celestron Omni XLT 150 F/5 Refractor Review

Can a F/5 Refractor please? Read on to find out!

11/01/20 – TeleVue 24mm Panoptic VS Explore Scientific 24mm 68° Review

A review of the two 1.25″ titans that will maximize the FOV of your 1.25″ scope system!

09/09/20 – How to vinyl your telescope

Have a scope that is in need of some cosmetic love or just want to try a new color? Vinyl is the most cost effective way to go!

05/03/20 – TEC 140 APO Review

Does the TEC 140 really live up to the expectation of being one of the best refractors in the world? Is it worth the premium price?


NGC 253 – the Silver Coin Galaxy