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01/25/24 – Baader Hyperion 31mm, 24mm, and 10mm Eyepiece Review

Hyperions boast a wide, 68° apparent field of view, multi-coated optics, and a curious feature of modularity. Let’s dive right in and see how these guys perform under the night sky!

01/19/24 – Brandon 94mm F/7 Review

The Brandon 94mm was a highly regarded refractor telescope produced by VERNONscope, a US-based telescope distributor and retailer, during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Is it relevant today?

01/10/24 – Stellarvue 26mm Illuminated Reticle, 7mm & 4mm EUWA

A 1.25″ illuminated reticle eyepiece not enough for you? The Stellarvue 26mm Illuminated eyepiece has you covered!

08/18/23 – Astro Physics 155EDF 1st Month Impressions!!!

An “accidental” AstroPhysics 155EDF purchase??? Read the repost to find out more!

04/07/23 – Pentax 30mm, 20mm and 14mm Review

Do the Pentax eyepieces live up to their cult like following?

01/13/23 – TeleVue Delos 12mm & 6mm Review

The Delos are a curious proposition as they offer a somewhat moderate 72° field of view(FOV) and a very generous eye relief!

12/31/22 – Justesen Ranch Star Party

Covid restrictions were finally relaxed enough for star parties to resume in 2022!

11/08/22 – TeleVue Radian 14mm, 6mm, & 4mm Review

Why would one want a 60° FOV eyepiece when 82° and 100° offerings are available these days?

01/07/22 – Celestron 8″ Edge-HD Review

Is the Celestron 8″ Edge-HD the only scope you will need for the rest of your life?

11/23/21 – TeleVue TV-85 APO Review

Is the TV-85 still relevant in todays APO market?

11/21/21 – TeleVue Ethos 4.7mm 110° FOV vs Explore Scientific 5.5mm 100° FOV

High power hyper-wife FOV King?

NGC 206, a Starcloud in a Different Galaxy